[icon=best_time]September - November or April - May
  • [icon=historical_site]Home to Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world
  • [icon=culinary]World-famous street food at night markets (beef noodle soup, oyster pancakes, mango shaved ice)
  • [icon=culinary]Birthplace of boba, aka bubble tea
  • [icon=outdoors]Stunning natural scenery & national parks
  1. Taipei
  2. Hualian County
  3. Sun Moon Lake
  4. Taichung
  5. Tainan
  1. Do I need a visa to travel to Taiwan?
  2. When should I plan on visiting Taiwan?
  3. How long should I plan to spend in Taiwan?
  4. What is there to see and do in Taipei?
  5. What are the best day trips to take outside of Taipei?
  1. The fastest way to get from the airport into Taipei is via the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)—Taiwan’s largest metro system. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay cash at a ticket machine or booth to get a ticket.
  2. If you plan on taking the MRT throughout your stay, it’s worth investing in a Taipei Pass, which you can purchase at the customer service counter in every MRT station, or online.
  3. Taiwan’s currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (commonly abbreviated as “NT”). The exchange rate is usually $1 USD to 30 NT (every 100 NT is a little over $3).
  4. There are ATMs when you arrive at the airport, and in all 7-11s and FamilyMarts. However, for foreign cards you can expect most ATM machines to charge a 100 NT convenience fee.
  5. While most hotels and nicer restaurants take credit cards, smaller establishments and street food vendors do not and are cash only (some will have LINE pay, but you’d need a local bank account to set this up on your phone).