[icon=best_time]All year round, with December - June as the most popular (less rain and humidity, more sunshine)
  • [icon=historical_site]Merlion Park, Marina Bay, Sentosa, & other iconic landmarks
  • [icon=culinary]A diverse cuisine with Chinese, Indian, & Malay influences
  • [icon=market]Open-air food markets known as hawker stalls
  • [icon=culinary]Signature dishes: chicken rice & chili crab
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  2. Reputable money exchange centers are Money Exchangers at Mustafa Center, Arcade money changers at Raffles Place, and Money changers at people's park Complex Chinatown.
  3. Although most places except credit card, if you go to hawker stalls or food courts, prepare to bring cash.
  4. As of 2018, Uber is no longer available in Singapore (Grab is the common ride-hailing service).
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