[icon=best_time]Spring (March - May) or fall (September - October)
  • [icon=historical_site]Belém Tower, Pena Palace, Jerónimos Monastery, & other iconic landmarks
  • [icon=wine]One of the world’s leading wine regions in the Douro Valley
  • [icon=beach]Golden cliffs, turquoise waters, & over 300 days of sunshine in Algarve
  • [icon=historical_site]Ceramic azulejo tiles and pastel-colored buildings
  • [icon=culinary]Traditional custard pastries (pastéis de nata)
  1. Algarve
  2. Lisbon
  3. Sintra
  4. Porto
  1. What’s the best way to spend 10 days in Portugal?
  2. I heard it’s SO hot in Porto during the summer. What are the best ways to beat the heat?
  3. What are the most beautiful lakes in the Azores?
  1. Many cities in Portugal have cobblestone streets, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes for long days of walking.
  2. Although most establishments accept credit cards, purchases under 5-10 euros should be done in cash as many places have a minimum.
  3. Ubers are identified by a TVDE sticker placed on the front and rear windows of the driver’s side.
  4. Women should cover their shoulders and legs in any monasteries, churches, and museums. Carry a shawl, cardigan, or scarf with you to be safe.
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