[icon=best_time]All year round, with spring (late March - early June) and autumn (September - November) as the most popular
  • [icon=historical_site]Buckingham & Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, & other historical royal monuments
  • [icon=culinary]A diverse, international dining scene
  • [icon=historical_site]Centuries-old castles
  • [icon=historical_site]Architectural marvel of Stonehenge
  • [icon=wine]Elegant high tea
  1. Edinburgh
  2. London
  1. What’s the best way to spend a week in England?
  2. What are the best things to do in London?
  3. What London restaurants do you recommend?
  4. What is there to do in Marylebone and Camden Town?
  5. What are the best hotels in London?
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  2. Tipping is expected in the range of 10-15% in most restaurants, although some do add a service fee to the bill, in which case you are not expected to pay an additional tip.
  3. Be warned if you're a night owl…the Tube stops running at midnight.
  4. London's mild, wet climate means layers and an umbrella are necessary most of the year.
  5. You'll need a Type G power adaptor/voltage converter to use outlets in the British Isles.
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